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Experienced and highly professional Family Law Attorney

As the founder of The Law Firm of Yolanda V. Torres, Ms. Torres helps couples who wish to resolve their differences through mediation and avoid costly litigation. She emphasizes on providing personalized services and undivided attention to her clients since she believes that each and every case is unique. She serves as a neutral mediator to her clients and helps them to achieve a favorable outcome. In her endeavor to ensure success, she works very hard and deals with each and every case all on her own.

19 Years Of Experience
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Ms. Torres has almost two decades of legal experience as a Certified Family Law Specialist and has been saving her clients from the trauma of public trials and open hearings. She has been praised for her outstanding contribution to the legal profession by her peers and highly-qualified judges and has fulfilled specialized continuing education requirements. Yolanda Torres is a State Bar certified lawyer and she has set an example in the legal industry when it comes to settling disputes fairly and impartially.

Ms. Torres has received excellent evaluations from qualified judges and peers

She has completed continuing education requirements in specialized areas of family law

Dedicated her time to the practice of family law

Qualified and successfully passed a second exam held by ‘State Bar of California’

Areas she serves

Divorce & separation

Attorney Yolanda ensures a favorable outcome for divorce cases as she addresses child custody issues, property and debt and other divorce matters.

Child Support

Yolanda Torres can handle an emotionally-charged issue like child support very efficiently and makes sure that your child gets adequate support both financially and emotionally after separation.

Child Custody

Ms. Torres does her best in making child custody decisions easier for parents while protecting the child’s best interest. She competently handles all issues of child custody starting from initial arrangements to court hearings.

Child Visitation

Ms. Torres works out a suitable child visitation schedule to which parents agree so they can spend the best time with their child.

Legal Separation

Attorney Yolanda V. Torres protects your interest before you file a divorce. You can protect yourself financially through a legal separation.

Spousal Support

Family lawyer Yolanda V. Torres helps with spousal support so that you can live comfortably following a separation. Likewise, if you fail to pay spousal support, she can help you protect your assets.

Property Division

Experienced family lawyer Yolanda Torres negotiates property settlement and she works with you to arrive at a financial agreement either through mediation, arbitration or negotiation.

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Our Client's Reviews

Yolanda is an excellent attorney and helped me through one of the roughest times of my life when dealing with a divorce and child custody/support. She is kind and knows what she is doing. If I have any issues in the future I will definitely be getting back in touch with her.
Christie Q
United States
I would highly recommend Yolanda and her staff. I hired her after my prior attorney charged me $20,000.00 and was afraid to go to court. Yolanda effectively prepared my case for trial and we ultimately entered a fair settlement and charged a fraction of what my prior attorney charged.
Jack C
United States
100% completely satisfied. Yolanda and her staff are on it. Communication and organization is on point! No complaints what so ever. Will definitely recommend her if the need arises.
Milton V
United States
My husband recommended that we use Yolanda for divorce mediation. He scheduled our initial appointment. I was hesitant at first, however, I went to the appointment. Our divorce settled and my husband and I were both very pleased with her services. Her office was very efficient, caring, hardworking and helped us finish our divorce in a couple months. I would recommend her.
Patricia C
United States

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