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Benefits of Divorce Mediation | Attorney Yolanda Torres

It is a basic fact that clients that choose divorce mediation are significantly happier than those who choose to take their divorce disputes to court. Litigation is extremely expensive, both financially and emotionally, and can take a very heavy toll on the entire family. Thus, divorce mediation is the best possible alternative to litigation.
Also, you have to understand the court system of California is the largest in the world, and Orange County alone has a busier court system than that of many other states. The Superior Court of Orange County is one of the busiest and largest state trial courts in the entire country.
For the Fiscal Year of 2015-16, there were more than 6.2 million cases filed in the Superior Courts of California. Marital and family disputes such as divorce disputes, separation, child custody, child visitation, etc. numbered more than 375k.
Although divorces can seem contentious and litigious, the actual situation is that most divorces tend to ultimately settle. If you and your spouse are considering divorce, then here are three reasons why you should engage the mediation services of experienced family attorney and Certified Family Law Specialist, Yolanda V. Torres.


Compared to litigation, divorce mediation is significantly less expensive. Since both parties engage the services of Yolanda Torres’ experienced mediation services, there are no individual lawyer fees to consider. One aspect of litigation that most people dislike is the glacial pace at which the court system generally works. Compared to that, divorce mediation works wonders and is extremely efficient and fast. Litigation will result in you having to deal with a growing mound of lawyer payments over a very long time. On the other hand, mediation will provide you with fantastic results in a very short time and at a significantly lower cost.

Faster Results with Mediation

Family law is a diverse field of legal study, and many matters within the umbrella of family law have more priority than others. For example, cases concerning domestic violence and abuse will take priority over cases concerning financial issues. Although the court system is the bedrock of justice, the main complaint is that they work extremely slowly. Courts have rescheduled cases causing them to be drawn out over a very long time, and that can be very undesirable for a lot of clients. To get better and faster results, you should engage the divorce mediation services of Yolanda V. Torres, who is an experienced attorney specializing in family law. There is also the problem that the court system suffers from a shortage in judicial officers and judges.

Certainty with Mediation

When divorce-related disputes such as child support, property disputes, etc. go to trial, the participants feel like they are gambling with the entire fate of their finances and kids. Mediation, on the other hand, guarantees an unmatched level of certainty and relief. There is no uncertainty and doubt involved, and the entire dispute can be solved in a civil and agreeable manner. Yolanda V. Torres has more than 18 years of experience as a family law attorney and mediator, and you should engage her services to help you mediate your family law issues. For this reason, mediation will provide you with faster results at a significantly lower cost to your finances and emotional well-being.