Practice Area

Santa Ana Family lawyer Yolanda Torres comes with many years of experience in dealing with emotionally-charged and delicate family matters. She brings her many years of experience, knowledge and legal expertise to a wide variety of complex family legal issues.

Divorce & separation

Yolanda Torres is extremely well-equipped to handle the delicate and emotionally upheaving cases of divorce and separation. Her experience and training has allowed her to help her clients navigate the breaking of the family. She will also be there for you and make your transition into your new life as smooth, comfortable and secure as possible.

Child Support

In most divorce and separation cases, the issue of child support and visitation is one of the most contested and turbulent aspects. In California, child support payments have to continue until the child reaches eighteen years of age, or graduates from high school. It is important to remember that these payments may have to continue if the child in question suffers from a physical or mental disability. Yolanda Torres will be able to guide you through this turbulent process.

Child Custody

Child custody disputes are the most turbulent and devastating elements of divorce and separation cases, and can be a major traumatic experience. Yolanda Torres’ years of experience as a Certified Family Law Specialist will allow her to provide you with valuable insight and guidance during your child’s custody battle.

Child Visitation

Working out a visitation schedule can be really difficult for newly divorced parents. Yolanda Torres understands how emotionally charged and turbulent a child visitation dispute can become. Her invaluable experience in family law will help you to work out a mutually agreeable child visitation schedule.

Legal Separation

Many couples seek to pursue legal separation instead of a divorce. Yolanda Torres is well-equipped to provide clients with the legal guidance and assistance required during these times. Generally, legal separation is pursued by couples due to financial or religious reasons.

Spousal Support

One of the biggest bones of contention during divorces are the spousal support settlements. Yolanda Torres’ experience will help both parties to reach a fair financial settlement, because spousal support is very important for couples with a high income inequality.

Property Division

Property disputes are another turbulent and contentious element of most divorce settlements. Yolanda Torres’ valuable advice and legal expertise will help you to ensure that you receive what is rightfully yours. She has many years of experience in dealing with such delicate matters.